In Homestay accommodation:
Your teenage son/daughter will be looked after by one of a few wonderful local families. We have been working with our homestay families for several years now and they love hosting our campers. They provide a safe and comfortable family environment when our campers are at their homes. For the hours each day spent away from their host family house, they are either with their coach on mountain, strolling around Whistler Village with other campers or visiting other campers at our main accommodation in Whistler Village.
In our main accommodation:
There is plenty of staff supervision at our main accommodation.
One or more staff members (including Turner, the camp owner) is at the house 6 days per week from 8am to 6pm (minus the few hours each day skiing/snowboarding with the camp groups). On the 7th day, our housing manager/cleaner is at the house all day.
The house is the hub of camp and is a warm, relaxing and positive atmosphere. It’s a family atmosphere with other like minded teens and adults from around the world. The house is for relaxing after tiring ski days, socialize, to eat, watch movies and sleep. This is where friendships are made from around the world. Again, I cannot stress the fact that the house is a fun, family atmosphere.
Many teen campers choose to stay in our Core Camp accommodation each winter and really do enjoy the experience.
As well, other campers often take teen campers under their wings to help with food shopping (supermarkets are very close by), cooking, strolling the village etc. Teens often learn new cooking skills too…
On mountain:
Our teen campers are with our very caring adult coaches on the mountains.
In our Teen Ski and Snowboard Camp programs (all levels 15~18), our teen campers are with their coaches for the entire day (6 hours), Mondays to Fridays.
In our Premier Camp programs, our teen campers are with their coaches for half of the day. (approx. 3 hours). For the other half of the day we ask our campers to pair or group up with each other for safety. We stress the importance to not ski alone.
In addition:
We are a ski and snowboard camp, not a party camp. The legal age for alcohol consumption in BC is 19.  This is the law.
We have a zero tolerance policy towards this. A camper not abiding by this law is out of camp, no exceptions, no refunds.
In our 16+ years in operation, we’ve never had to remove anyone from camp regarding this. Everyone is respectful of law and policy.
If you read through our google reviews, many of them are from parents stating the positive experience their teens had in our camp and in our housing.
I would like to assure you that the staff and I make every effort that your son/daughter is safe, enjoying themselves and are well looked after.

As a parent myself, I do understand the importance. I’m also available for contact 24 hours/day in the winter.